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Build-It-Yourself Table


BIY Table Kit

Perforated Rails, Side Stop and Accessories come in a kit, which you can easily put together to form a complete table. The normally 3 m rails are also available in non-standard lengths.

Mounting the Perforated Rails

The rails are fixed onto three beams at 1 - 1.2 m intervals. According to the height of theses beams, it is up to you to define the final working height, which generally amounts to 30 - 40 cm.

Work Surface and Side Stop

3-ply panels are fixed between the rails onto the flaps. The side stop is laterally fixed on the three beams and can be adjusted at a precise 90° angle.

Table Levelling

Levelling feet allow a precise height adjustement of any part of the table. A perfectly level table is crucial to the production of precise timber-frames.

The 4 Cardinal Reasons

Side Stop - Perfect Angle

Most important part of the table, the side stop has been conceived to simplify and shorten the angle adjustement of timber-frames.

Solid Edge Stop - Precision

The 20 mm protruding edge-stop supports beams along their full length. Height-adjustable edge stops can reach up to 280 mm. These solid steel stops are crucial for fastening the timber frames. 

Inlaid Tape Measures - Pure Productivity

Inlaid tape measures are optionally available and greatly increase productivity. No worries about the exact position of the posts anymore.

Pneumatic Cylinders - Tight Fastening

Pneumatic Clyinders fasten the frame for rapid processing. Available with 3 kN and 14 kN force.