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woodtec Fankhauser GmbH

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Woodtec Fankhauser GmbH is a Swiss SME founded in 1987, active in production technology for timber construction on an international level.

Production Technology & Solutions:

  1. Make the production of new and innovative wood products possible
  2. Simplify the production process
  3. Precision saves time and cost at all levels
  4. Giving craftsmen the right tools to increase their performance and self-respect
  5. The best solutions are worthless if not affordable

Your Advantages:

Construction Table

BIY Table

Timber Frame Construction

  • Since the very beginning of timber frame indoor prefabrication, more than 15 years ago.
  • Most widespread timber frame construction facilities ever, almost 300 users.
  • Extensions for new products in 2005 and 2011.

Civil Engineering Background

Part of our team is made up of civil engineers. They help us design our products and can offer valuable advice for your sector.

Close Client Collaboration

We develop our products closely with our customers. Need a modification or new solution to a problem: Speak to us!

Facts and Figures
Companies with Timber Frame Construction Table > 200
Vacuum Presses running > 30
Countries ~ 35
Continents 5

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Relations instead of Products

Our products are part of chain that transforms wood into quality of life. We believe that only a close collaboration between all its parts opens up new possibilities for the future.


People instead of Machines

True craft cannot be replaced. But with the appropriate technology, any craftsman can realize his full potential.


Quality instead of Service Plans

A good product doesn't need maintenance. Its precision remains under dire conditions and it works after years just like on the first day.