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Construction Table

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Modular System

The table is constituted of any number of 1.5 x 3.0 m base modules.

Standard Frame Height

The Standard fastening height of the Frames is 2.82 m.

Extended Table Height

Table height extensions increase the fastening height by 80 cm to 3.60 m, which might prove handy from time to time.

Alternative Alignment

The modules are fixed laterally with pins and bolts and form one robust compound, in any alignment.



The number of modules is defined by needs of your production, knowing that the table can be extended at any given point.

Different Base Versions

Simple mounting and demounting with levelling feet, hydraulic tilting function or easy pivoting to safe space.


Glueing of Box Beams right on the table or bulk production of Roof and Ceiling Elements.



Simplified Handling

Specifically adapted technology speeds up every operation. Our clients estimate they save 30-40% of their time.

Fully Equipped

With inlaid tape measures, pneumatic cylinders and solid edge-stops your beams are at the right position and angle in no time.

Various Accessory

Be it table height extension, laser marker, foil cart or angle stop, each operation can be simplified by additional accessory.



Highly Restistant Material

The 85 mm module panel is a low distortion sandwich construction and presents a perfectly flat working surface.

CNC Manufacture

Thanks to CNC machining the precision of each module reaches ±0.1 mm.

Precise Frames

Even 17-18 m long frames can be produced accurate to the millimetre.


On our former wooden table it took two workers up to 20 min to get the angle of the frame right. With the new construction table, one worker does it on his own in 2 min.
Franz Hauzenberger, Manager Timber Construction
Künzli Holz AG, Davos (CH)
We decided to extend the table to 25 m after only four months of operation. Internally we agree that step-by-step the whole production will be done on construction tables.
Daniel Küng, Operations Manager
Schäfer Holzbautechnik, Dottikon (CH)
On a company owned development site we could cut the production time of detached houses in half, since we've aquired the table three years ago.
Wolfgang Wernli, Head of Timber Construction
Zubler AG, Hunzenschwil (CH)