Roof and Ceiling System

Roof and Ceiling System

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Efficient Bulk Production

As roof and ceiling elements often have the same rafter spacing, the sliders are only adjusted once for several elements, which saves an incredible amount of time.

More Precision

All beams and rafters are held in place along their full length, which is crucial especially for the production of longer elements.

Readjust Beams and Rafters

Pneumatic cylinders can be used with the system to readjust strongly distorted beams or rafters with up to 14 kN per double-rail.

Raised Edge-Stop

Rafters can be positionned using their notches, thanks to this additional edge-stop.

Streamline your production of ceilings and roofs. I'd invest in that system at once, if we didn't already have it.
Franz Hauzenberger, Manager Timber Construction
Künzli Holz AG, Davos (CH)
Stop toiling: The roof system positions your rafters almost automatically.
Thomas Fankhauser, CEO woodtec Fankhauser
With long ceiling elements the precision achieved with the roof system is considerable. With the old, selfmade wooden table we had before we had long reached our limits.
Franz Hauzenberger, Manager Timber Construction
Künzli Holz AG, Davos (CH)

Facts in brief:

Max. Pressing Height: 3 m (extendable)

Number of Double-Rails: 3-4 (rec.)

Height Sliders: 140 mm

Compression Force: bis zu 1.4t