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Vacuum Technology


Perfect Curves

Vacuum creates a uniform pressure of 9.5 t / m2, distributed evenly over the whole surface, which makes your curves look perfect.

Efficient Process

Given that the pressure is created by the vacuum in the bag, screw clamps are only used to hold the lamination in place (not for pressing). Their use is sparse, which saves a lot of time in production.

Zany Forms

Let your imagination run wild: Thanks to Vacuum Technology, almost every form is feasible, even in real 3D.

Various Materials

Vacuum glueing is possible with the most diverse materials. Corian forms as shown or aluminium veneer and many others.

Vacuum Pump

With a pumping capacity of 7.0 m3/h a vacuum of 0.05 bar is reached, which equals a surface pressure of 9.5 t/m2. With timer, manometer, filter and two entries.

Vacuum Bag

The rubber bags contain on the inside a fine network of notches, used to drain the air correctly. Next to standard sizes, any custom size is available. Elasitcity up to 700%.

Facts in Brief:

Bag Size: custom

Bag Type: 3 mm Rubber Membrane

Clasp: on one side

Membrane Elasticity: 700 %

Pressure: up to 9.5 t/m2

Pumping Capacity: 7 m3/h